Congrats! So you’re moving! Good Luck on your new adventure!

Congrats! So you’re moving! Good Luck on your new adventure!
Congrats ! It’s moving day.

They say change is as good as a holiday: Whether it’s moving into a new house, a new business space, or you’re moving back in with Mum and Dad because house prices are sky rocketing and you can’t afford your own place right now.
But wait! Where are you going to put everything?
Before you bring your first box in, lets think about shelving. We could tell you to fill every wall in your new space with shelving, but we know that’s not what you need. You do need to think about practical solutions that look great and will be strong enough to hold everything from the boxes of photographs to the spare car parts or even the kitchen sink if you're into renovating. Our consultants can help you with that so your move is as easy as possible.
We meet thousands of people a year and we find that most of them fall into one of two categories: those that plan ahead for moving day, and those that don’t.
Those who don’t are the ones that call us because they’ve had boxes stacked in a corner for 6 months, covered in dust and now they cant remember which one has little Johnny’s birth certificate. They’ve had to pull everything out just to find it and now the shed’s a disaster and the wife is mad because she’s sick of tripping over boxes.
They’re the people who haven’t thought about organising their move and now their sheds and garages are a disaster. They’re the people who spend their lives moving boxes that they haven’t unpacked for 6 months from corner to corner just to get to that box at the bottom.
Honestly there is nothing worse and is why I now consider shelving to be one of the most important things to organise before moving day.

The first thing you should be thinking about when planning your move is not where the couch is going. Or your bed, television, kitchen table or office desk. You’ve had that planned since the first time you laid eyes on your glorious new space. True?
What you haven’t thought about is the little stuff. The boxes you don’t need today. The tub of paperwork that you’ll get around to sorting one day. The family keepsakes that don’t need to be on display right now. The camping gear or Christmas and Halloween decorations you only pull out once a year. The archived files that you need to store for 7 years for taxes but will probably never need to look at again. The stuff that takes up space in your cupboards and in the corners of your garage gathering dust until your next move.

Garages and Sheds are usually the first and the last thing to be moved into and out of. It’s the place where everything will get dumped because you’ve just packed a truck, trailer and a car- driven 6 hours and you’re keen to unpack something. You’ll need the dishes you put in the truck, the suitcase of clothes you stuffed in the car and the pillow that somehow ended up in the trailer. You’ll need them as soon as you arrive to your new house.

The unfortunate thing about these items thanks to Murphy’s Law is you’ve packed everything else on top of them. There’s 10 boxes that need to come out of the truck before you get to the dishes you need. 5 of those are boxes you’ll probably not open until 2033. The other 5 will have homes in the bathroom, kitchen and laundry but until you unpack them will sit on the floor taking up space, just waiting for you to walk by and stub your toe on.

Imagine how much simpler life would be if you could just place your boxes neatly on a set of shelves. Everything then becomes easy to see and access but keeps your walkways and floors free and clear.

I met a lady the other day that admitted to me that she hadn’t seen her garage floor since the day they moved in 2 years ago. Her and her husband admitted that they are bower birds and like to collect useful and useless items. They contacted me because they needed Shelves and they needed quiet a few. I’m hoping to go back to their place soon so I can see the floor of their 6m x 6m shed.

Shelves are for that moment. Whether you’re a bower bird or a minimalist, you will save so much time when you set up the shelving before you even the first box. So when you have your house warming party and you show your friends around your new place and it looks like you have your life together. Everything is organised. Everything is in its place. You can see everything you have on a shelf. Tidy.
A shelf is a wholesome tool in life. It’s hard to explain what a shelf does for someone. They save relationships. They ease the anxiety of not knowing where to find things when the boxes are put down on moving day. Having strong, sturdy shelving that can hold even your heaviest boxes stops the mess and chaos before they begin. Getting your spouse a new set of shelves is one way to get them excited to clean up the garage and shed. Think about all the extra space you’ll have with everything neat and tidily away!

Good Luck on your new adventure.
  • Natalie Burton